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Summer training update

Hello cadets and families. We know everyone is eagerly awaiting information on your summer training. For those hoping for last minute offers or who are travelling for courses please know that we are checking multiple times daily for any published offers or travel itineraries and will send them out ASAP. In the meantime, please review the applicable Joining Instructions (JI's) carefully for information about travel dress, kit lists, and all the forms that you may need. You will need to have copies your Offer of Participation and your Travel Itinerary on hand, at a minimum.

For CAP cadets and staff cadets: You will be excited to know that specific details about the London CAP have now been published. Your CAP experience will take place at Fanshawe College. Full details can be found in the CAP JI's and the new Site Annex - London. Both are posted on the website (summer training tab) and on Cadet365 Sharepoint. It has also been confirmed that CAP cadets DO NOT need to present Offers of Participation upon arrival at the CAP site.

OCdt Wakelin is the Summer Training Coordinator and can be reached at if there are any questions or concerns.

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