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Cadet Correspondents Wanted

Within Central Region, a network of Unit Public Affairs Representatives (UPARs) and Cadet Correspondents is maintained to support unit/regional/national cadet activities. Cadet Correspondents tell the story of the Squadron by managing social media, creating content, and drafting products for the approval of the Sqn CO.

Central Region will be conducting two distance learning serials of the Cadet Correspondent Course which will be a combination of virtual and self-paced activities over a period of 5 weeks. Serials will be virtual, instructor-led over a 5-week period with weekly assignments

completed independently. Instructors will be available to support participants and assess submitted homework. This training will be hosted on Cadets 365. Cadets will be required to attend one weekly instructional session for the duration of the course and must contact the instructor in the event of an absence to access the recording.

Participants must:

(1) Hold the minimum rank of MC/MCpl/FCpl;

(2) Be in Phase 3/Silver Star/Level 3 or higher;

(3) Have an interest in writing and the production of imagery and video;

(4) Have, or have regular access to, a computer/laptop/tablet, camera or smartphone, and internet access;

(5) Have an account on Cadets 365 and be available their registered evening throughout the course; and

(6) Have a high level of autonomy and self-motivation.

The serials are:

  1. CDTCOR24_A from 6 Feb to 5 Mar 24 on Tuesday evenings from 1830 – 2000 hrs.

  2. CDTCOR24_B from 8 Feb to 7 Mar 24 on Thursday evenings from 1830 – 2000 hrs.


  • Eligible cadets should express their interest in participating in the Workshops NLT 22 Jan 2024 by emailing their request for consideration to

  • 862 can submit one cadet applicant for consideration for each serial. There is no guarantee the cadets submitted by the Sqn will be selected for the training.

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