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PO 513 Workshops

The PO 513 Workshop for Level 5 cadets is a mandatory component of successful completion of Level 5. This year's 513 Workshops will be conducted virtually on January 20-21, 2023.

The details are as follows:

Cadet Eligibility:

  • Must be currently undertaking Proficiency Level Five training;

  • Medical condition must be validated in Fortress;

  • Must be available to attend all sessions of the virtual workshops;

  • Must have a computer with camera and microphone suitable for connecting to the workshop sessions;

  • Must be recommended by the Squadron CO;

  • Must be selected by the Area OPI.


  • Dress for cadets will be C3


  • Eligible cadets should express their interest in participating in the Workshops NLT 30 Nov 2023 by emailing their request for consideration to

  • The billet allocation for 862 is 11 cadets but not all cadets may be selected.

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