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Uniform Guide

862 Lambeth Lightning Uniform Guide

Rev. February 2013


Congratulations, you are now an Air Cadet!


The uniform you have just been issued is on loan to you for as long as you are an Air Cadet.  It is important that you treat the uniform with the care and respect it deserves. If any part of your uniform doesn't fit, or when you grow out of it, bring it to Supply as soon as possible to get the correct size.


In order to take care of your new uniform, follow these instructions:


The tunic (jacket) 

  • Put your name in the tunic.

  • Hang it on a hanger after you wear it to keep it wrinkle-free.

  • Wash the tunic when it is dirty. You can wash it in warm water in the washing machine with regular laundry detergent and dry it in the dryer.  The hard plastic belt buckle comes off the belt so it doesn't damage your washing machine or dryer.

  • If you iron the tunic, remember it is polyester and will melt if you use high temperature.  Use a cotton cloth (pillowcase, dishcloth) between the iron and the tunic to absorb the excess heat. Use a polyester setting on the iron.

  • When sewing on buttons and badges, use matching thread. From time to time, starter kits are available from Supply or Canteen; ask!   When purchasing thread from a store, take the badge with you for a colour match.

  • Do not use a sewing machine to sew on badges.  The stitches destroy the uniform when removing them for higher rank badges.

  • Do not glue the badges on.  The glue will destroy the uniform for future use by leaving a residue.



  • Put your name in your pants.

  • Hang your pants after wearing to keep them wrinkle-free.  Put the seams together so the creases are kept sharp.

  • Wash your pants when they are dirty.  You can wash them in warm water in the washing machine with regular laundry detergent and dry them in the dryer.

  • When ironing your pants try to avoid double creases in the legs. These are known as train tracks.  Iron the front AND the back of your pants.

  • Do not iron your pants at a high temperature because they are made of polyester and will melt.  Use a cotton cloth (pillowcase, dishcloth) between the iron and the pant leg to protect the material from accidental scorching or burning.

  • Do not use starch on pants.  Starch will increase the chance of melting and leave a white residue.

  • When hemming the pants, do not cut the excess material.  When you outgrow your pants the returned pants are reissued to someone else.

  • Do not hem pants using a sewing machine.  This leaves a permanent mark on the pant leg making them unusable once returned.



  • Ask a senior cadet how to buckle your belt so you are "brass on brass".


Shirt, T-shirt, Sweater 

  • Put your name in your shirt, t-shirt, and sweater.

  • Wash your shirt, t-shirt, or sweater after every wearing.  You can wash them all in warm water in the washing machine with regular laundry detergent, and dry them in the dryer. 

  • Use a pre-wash on the collar and under arms to prevent stains (sweat and dirt is difficult to get out if not pre-treated and washed regularly).

  • Iron your shirt before wearing it again.



  • Put your name on your tie.

  • Wash and iron when required - use cold water wash and lay flat to dry.

  • You will be taught how to tie your tie by a senior cadet if you do not know how.



  • Wash your socks after every wearing - use cold water wash and hang to dry. 



  • Store your boots in a safe place where they will not get knocked around and cover them when not in use (many cadets use their polishing cloth for this).

  • Wipe all dirt off boots before polishing.

  • Kiwi polish is the recommended brand of polish for cadet boots and a Kiwi cloth is the best cloth.

  • Spend time on your boots every week (when watching TV is a good time to polish boots).  When you put on the polish, only put on a very small bit at a time and polish it well. Too much polish at once doesn't work!

  • It takes time to bring up a good shine on a pair of boots, but with regular attention the shine will come.  If you need help with polishing boots, ask a senior cadet.

  • Put your name in the boots. 

  • Wear your boots tied right up to the top, and don't leave the laces loose or you will get blisters.  Keep them tied snugly - think of ice skates. Ask a senior cadet for help to learn how to lace your boots.




  • Put your name in your wedge.

  • Keep your wedge lint and dirt free (try to keep it away from pet hair).

  • Wash your wedge when it gets dirty, gently in cold water, and let it lie flat to dry. 


Parka (3 seasons), toque, and gloves

  • Put your name in your parka AND in your parka liner.

  • Wear the parka only when you are wearing the uniform.

  • Wear the parka at all Cadet activities (Parades, Training nights, etc.) when the weather is cool, rainy, or snowy (we often train outdoors in the fall, early winter, and spring, and it is cool at night).

  • Keep it clean and wash it in the washing machine when it's dirty.  Use warm water and regular detergent. You can dry it in the dryer. 

  • If you are issued a toque or gloves, return them at the end of the event.


Sports gear

  • Put your name in your t-shirt, hat, and shorts. 

  • Wash your sports gear after every wearing, in warm water with regular detergent in the washing machine.  Dry the gear in the dryer. 

  • If you have been issued running shoes, put your name in them.  Let them air out between wearings. Don't leave them stuffed in your closet in the dark or you may get athlete's foot fungus.  Don't wash them in the washing machine.

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