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Senior Cadet Leadership and Drill Workshop

Hello 862! I hope you all have enjoyed your summer. The staff are excited that the 2023-24 Training Year is almost upon us, starting next week. As returning cadets will know, this year marks a new beginning for the cadet program with a Re-Scope being implemented starting this year that will see changes to the way the program is delivered. There will be changes to things like the promotional process and the way activities are conducted. There will be an increase in Area wide activities, called Area Directed Activities or ADA's for short.

The first ADA will come up very early in the training year, with a Senior Cadet Leadership and Drill Workshop being offered on Saturday September 16, 2023. While not all details are available right now, it will be a full day activity occurring in London and lunch will be provided. The workshop is open to cadets of the rank of FSgt and higher. I encourage maximum attendance as we enter this new era. The workshop will be a great opportunity to meet cadets from other area units or see old friends again. There will be skilled and knowledgable instructors to help you polish your leadership and drill instruction skills with the intent of you bringing this knowledge back to 862. In an email received just this afternoon, the deadline for registration has been set for September 1, 2023 (THIS FRIDAY!).

If you would like to register for this workshop, please email NLT 1200hrs on Friday, Sept 1/23.

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